Current Problem

The existing system of display of registration mark has the following flaws:

People paint the registration mark in any fancy painting, any size, with undesirable monograms, etc. The repainting or change of registration plate is very easy, whereby criminals get away unnoticed. The fake registration plate encourages robberies and road based crimes. Deceptive/fancy registration mark creates a lot of inconvenience in identifying the vehicle involved in crimes, traffic offences, road rage, or hit and run cases. Roadside registration mark painting shows a backwardness of the country and is out of sync with modem technology automobiles.

Under the existing system, where all records are manually created and maintained, it is difficult to compile national data of motor vehicles. HSRP will help in creating computerised data of old registered vehicles and new vehicles at places where computerised records are not maintained at present

To combat all the above mentioned issues with the current number plates The Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, Government of India has amended Rule 50 of Central Motor Vehicle Rules 1989 to standardize the pattern of displaying registration mark throughout India.

Some of the key features mentioned, that will aid in combatting the issues are:


Reflective Sheeting

One of the significant safety features of the High Security License Plates is reflectivity. High Security License Plates will have high quality retro reflective sheeting, which is laminated and embossed. This sheeting provides excellent conspicuity during daytime and offer high reflectivity in the night. By virtue of reflective sheeting the vehicle is visible from a minimum difference of 200 meters in night irrespective of the working of its tail lamps etc. For over 40 years, worldwide, it has been proved that application and usage of Retro Reflective sheeting on vehicle License Plates reduces the accidents and loss of life significantly. This feature is particularly essential in India, given the fact that lack of visibility is one of the highest causes of fatal accidents..


Chromium Hologram

Holograms are well known security features of our daily life. Hot-stamping of chromium based hologram makes it possible for a license plate to withstand the inclemency of the weather for many years, The hologram shall carry the image of 'CHAKRA' as notified by the Govt. of India. Being hot stamped with high pressure at 220º Celsius, this hologram cannot be tampered with or removed or replaced. Holograms on number plates are easily visible with naked eyes so that they give a direct hint about possible fraud if they are missing or destroyed/tampered with.


Laser Etched Alphanumeric Identification Code

This is engraved on the left hand side just below the words IND with laser. This is a sequential identification of individual license plates across the country. It acts as a watermark and cannot be erased. On the basis of this laser code, complete details of the vehicle can be easily obtained from the records of HSRP supplier/RTO..


Embossed Characters with Security Inscript

The embossed Alpha-Numerals and Borders are Hot-stamped with this special Black coloured foil on which ‘INDIA’ is inscripted. There is no need to paint or screen-print the Registration plate after application of this special foil. This foils adds to the security against counterfeiting.


Third License Plate Sticker on Windscreen

This is a self-destructive, adhesive sticker with Chromium based hologram which is pasted on wind screen. It contains all information pertaining to a vehicle like :

  • Name of the Registering Authority
  • Registration Number
  • Front and Rear Laser ID code
  • Date of First Registration

Snap Lock

The snap lock is the external fastening device used as normal bolting procedure for the License Plate to the vehicle body. This device prevents removal and reusability of the License Plate from the vehicle. Also any tampering with the snap lock is easily detectable by naked eye, making it easy for the law enforcing agencies to detect any abnormality in the License Plate. This snap lock system is used in many countries worldwide including Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia etc..